If there is one thing we’ve learned throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s the need for inclusive responses to emergencies. This means that suitable options are provided for populations that have the potential to be looked over. Disabled persons are one example of group who may need special considerations to ensure their safety and well being. Here are a few resources specifically created for disabled individuals.

Growing Need

There is a growing need to help the disabled population. The routine that so many thrive on has been thrown out the window. Hhs.gov states, “The need for these services has increased as community measures to slow transmission of COVID-19 have closed locations where many people typically receive services and made it difficult for families to assist loved ones who live alone. In addition, the adaptations necessary to provide these services in the current environment have increased costs to service providers.”


The job of caretakers has become increasingly more complicated due to the pandemic. Protecting those you work with means extra safety, cleaning and social distancing precautions for care workers and families alike. Additionally, taking care of a family member with a disability while trying to balance working from home is an added element of stress as well. Many are still struggling to find a rhythm that works well for everyone involved. If you’re in need of additional assistance for yourself or your loved ones, consult the usa.gov website for caregiver support. You’ll find information on federal resources you can tap into in order to make your day to day operations more manageable. 


For those living in a care facility, there are reimbursement programs for healthy snacks. The CARES Act has expanded the Child and Adult Care Food Program to ensure that quality nutrition continues to be available to those in adult day care facilities. If you’re a disabled person who lives alone, ask a friend or family member if they can pick groceries up for you. Additionally, utilize grocery delivery resources like Instacart.


If you have a disability that puts you at higher risk at contracting Covid-19, it is within your rights to ask for special arrangements in order to perform you job in a safe way. Information found at eeoc.gov states, “Flexibility by employers and employees is important in determining if some accommodation is possible in the circumstances. Temporary job restructuring of marginal job duties, temporary transfers to a different position, or modifying a work schedule or shift assignment may also permit an individual with a disability to perform safely the essential functions of the job while reducing exposure to others in the workplace or while commuting.”

The disabled members of our society are often overlooked. However, being inclusive in our approach for disaster relief is incredibly important. If you know someone who has been negatively impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, make sure they are aware of the resources available to them.

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