The response by each state to the Covid-19 pandemic varies wildly. However, the states that make up the Pacific Northwest (as well as California) have joined forces to develop a unified front. Their goal is to put their people first in order to slow the spread and ultimately have life return back to ‘normal’. Here’s a look at their plans to work together.

Plan of Attack

An article written by Jamie Parfitt for states, “The West Coast governors said that all three states have agreed to a few basic principles, though each state would have its own specific plan. In short, the statement said that they would prioritize the health of their own citizens, base decisions on science and “not politics,” and would make an effort to work together effectively.”

The above mentioned article goes on to say, “Moving forward, the three states’ emphasis will be on protecting vulnerable populations (such as nursing homes and other long-term care facilities), ensuring that they have adequate hospital surge capacity and PPE supplies, and developing a robust testing and tracking system for future cases.”

Flatten the Curve

‘Flatten the Curve’ is a phrase that was extremely popular during the initial Coronavirus outbreak. While many have moved on from this, Governors in the PNW (and California) are still encouraging people to make this a priority. As pandemic fatigue grows and Covid cases begin to spike again, they’re encouraging people to stay home and practice continued social distancing. The goal is to protect the healthcare system from an overload.

In response to continued efforts to flatten the curve, an article written by Gillian Friedman for states, It refers not to the number of cases itself, but to the rate of increase in cases each day, and how sharply that rate goes up. “What’s most important for the health care system is to keep the peak low,” said Witt. “If you have an unexpected maximum number of sick people coming in, there isn’t a cushion in the hospital system to take care of them.”

Moving Forward

As cold/flu season closes in and Covid numbers begin to rise, the pleas for public safety are the same as they’ve always been. Although push back continues from many citizens, the Governors of CA, OR and WA continue to encourage citizens to limit social gatherings and stay home as much as possible. It might not be the most popular strategy. However, Oregon for example, has taken a pretty strict stance on dealing with Covid from the beginning. As a result, the state death toll has yet to surpass 800. The proof may be in the pudding on this issue.

While no one state has been able to execute a flawless response to this pandemic, each has benefited by keeping the lines of communication open with their bordering states. Presenting a unified has allowed leaders to dismantle confusion in order to move forward effectively.

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